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Why Marty should be your Home Inspector…

Home Inspector MartyKLM’s inspector, Marty Reese, is a licensed and insured home inspector for the state of Maryland. He has been in the customer care business for over 30 years and is now applying his “customer first” ethic to his family based KLM Home Inspection business. Marty looks forward to serving you, the buyer of your home, by helping you see beyond new paint and carpet.
Marty is THE home inspector for KLM. He has preformed countless home inspections on homes ranging from condominiums to 8,000 square foot single family homes and specializes in first time home buyers. He is constantly interested in, and researching the new and old ways of construction and the safe up keep of homes, barns and garages as well as completing all required training by the State of Maryland to keep his license current.
As a home inspector, Marty’s innate curiosity for how things are put together is an asset while inspecting your perspective home. This curiosity has been a life long passion starting with building muscle cars in his garage and continuing through his work experience building simulators for the military. He has literally worked from the ground up with experience brick laying. He is also a graduate of the Maryland Drafting Institute, is a “handyman” and is the designer and builder of his own kitchen addition to his 1950’s home. His attention to detail (apparent in his cabinetry) and experience in building from the inside out contribute to his skills as an inspector. Owning an older home has afforded him the pleasure of hands-on experience with old and new roofing, plumbing, electricity and heating and cooling. His experiences have moved him through home improvement, design, and construction. He now brings it all together as a home inspector.
Marty’s greatest satisfaction within the home inspection business comes from using his knowledge and experience to help a home buyer understand what they are buying. Easing a home buyers mind, enlightening a curious home buyer about their perspective new home, and generally helping to make the decision a comfortable one is Marty’s goal. His expertise guides him to this end.

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