KLM 42

“Marty was extremely helpful, commenting not only on the home but some preventative maintenance options and lower cost options for remediating some potential issues.”

KLM 43

“Marty was great and knowledgeable!”

KLM 44

“Marty’s very thorough and has great insight. I’ll happily request him again.”

KLM 45

“Extremely knowledgeable inspector.
Thorough and attentive to clients questions”

KLM 46

“Marty is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Would recommend to anyone in need of a home inspection.”

KLM 47

“Marty was very informative. He explained everything to me. The inspector took the time he needed to do the job properly, not rushing through to “get it done.” I am a former Realtor. If Marty was available in Atlanta, he would have been the inspector I used.”

KLM 48

“Marty was very friendly, incredible thorough and took the time to answer all my questions. I’m very happy with his service and would recommend him to my friends in a heartbeat.”

KLM 49

“Marty was phenomenal he took the time to thoroughly check out the property while also answering all of my questions.”

KLM 50

“This is my second time using Marty as my inspector for a house, he was amazing the first time, so I had to give him a call again for my second house. He has yet to disappoint, as he did a wonderful job for my second house. I highly recommend his services!”